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Great Show!!

Wow, I never heard a podcast like this one before. It’s funny but this guy Junior is very knowledgeable. I tried some of his techniques for manifestation and they really work. It’s nice to learn in a fun environment. He also has a website where you can sign up foralerts for the next show. He also does podcasts each week, I searched him online, he’s the real deal.


From the moment I met Junior something in me just told me I had to talk to him and I’m glad I did. I know now my intuition was the one guiding me to him. I have learning so much about my intuition because of him. Junior has helped me so much with my self-confidence that I was struggling with it. Junior knew from the moment that’s what I need. He means it when he says he's here for you.

Got me back into podcasts !

Junior always drops so much useful knowledge and shares the best vibes! The best podcast. You can feel his authenticity through the microphone it’s great !

Jr keeps you wanting more.

It's like a talk radio show. His stories are captivating keeps you wanting to hear more. I think he speaks from the heart.

Junior is the MAN

Love this guy, his show is entertaining AND informative - and he’s consistent!