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Junior Kekuewa Jr. is known for living his dreams. Junior is a Life Coach,  Author, Naturalistic Voice Teacher. Consultant, Recording Artist, Composer, Producer, Ventriloquist, Instrumentalist, Mimic, and Retired Entertainer and Radio Personality.

In Business, Kekuewa along with Wayne Borje and Maile Grim founded Voicemaster Enterprises LLC. Voicemaster Enterprises is the parent company of Voicemaster Vocal Development formerly Voicemaster Singing School; Hawaii’s first formal singing school. VMAC Consultants, Hawaii's first social media advertising agency specializing in creative advertising and marketing. AFM Worldwide LLC dba AFM Hawaii Music, Wild Wahine Enterprises LLC dba Wild Wahine Modelz, Screenmaster Pictures LLC, Wild Wahine Magazine LLC, Universal Motivation LLC, and Premium Products International LLC, creators of Junior's Jerky.

Junior is also the creator of registered methods: ‘The Forward Method’, and Motivational Self-Development Through the Human Voice, and is a professional mentor, and has taught and developed over 7000 students in Voice since 1989. Read more about his method and naturalistic practice in his inspirational book 'The Universal Law of Attraction and Singing' on Amazon.

He will show you how to live your dreams as well. Anyone is able to learn the power of CAN!